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Our custom 1:1 workshop solutions are your secret weapon for growing your business, career and female talent.


herwit 20xq™ business branding workshop 

Designed  for our female founders, womanpreneurs and small businesses.

Great brand design is built from great stories. We want to hear your vision and explore all the possible ways your brand can be built. Our 1 or 2 day workshop will let us shape your story, understand all the needs and desires, developing meaningful purpose of the brand, your "why", leading to overall design and clear succinct messaging. We will dig deep, and highlight brand essence that will be inspiring and powerful from the inside out.


Herwit SMKT™

Smart & Simple sales Strategy workshop

Designed  for our female founders, womanpreneurs and small businesses.

If you don't sell, you don't have a business. Our 1 to 2 day proprietary Smart & Simple sales and marketing workshop is designed for start-up womenpreneurs and small businesses, to make you more effective and efficient as you pursue your sales goals. Understand how to stand out in the crowd, attract customers, and build strategic initiatives to grow your business. Knowing how to “get to yes” is a crucial skill that can improve many facets of your life.



Personal Branding workshop

Designed for our female founder, womenpreneurs, side hustlers, corporate warriors (including sabbaticals/maternity warriors), corporates, associations and social impact firms.

Our 2 day proprietary personal branding workshop, boosted by an outcomes roadmap exercise that digs deep to identify your final outcomes and work through a thinking process recognised to derive your true authentic purpose, message, style, positioning and more to craft your true voice and build your brand.



HerWit Level up Personal, Business Branding & Sales strategies

Designed for our female founder, womenpreneurs, side hustlers, corporate warriors (including sabbaticals/maternity warriors), corporates, associations and social impact firms.

Derived from our proprietary workshops, we offer Lunch and Learn and 2 hour masterclass session around personal branding, business branding and sales strategies face to face and online including around enhancing your LinkedIn to build your brand across social. 

"Shamila is an inspiring entrepreneur who empowers others to uniquely position and amplify their voice.  With global experience in developing brands she has helped me crystalize my proposition propelling my Customer Experience Business to the next level." 


Natalie O’Brien AM

Natalie O’Brien & CO

Are you ready to level-up your full potential as a womenpreneur and corporate warrior?

Our job is to help you do just that. So if you're a female founder, aspiring womanpreneur, corporate warrior or even a small business looking to level up your business, career or female talent - start your journey with a no obligation free call.