A Female Role Model that has impacted the lives of women in Australia and around the world

"I want to say thank you for being such a strong, intelligent and unapologetic role model for myself and so many of my peers. Watching you consistently strive forwards and fight for what you thought was right impacted upon my life at a very formulative (sic) time. You smashed that glass ceiling out of the park for so many of us."

This is an excerpt from the article that was written by the ABC, whereby a random woman passenger on a flight had passed on to the former Prime Minister.  

There may be current and definitely previous negative public opinion about @juliagillard but as a woman, & one that has recently moved to Australia, I do applaud her for having courage to stand in the arena (as Brené Brown would say) albeit the patriarchal culture that embodies this country. The misogyny speech was a defiant turning point in the advancement of women not just in politics but in various circumstances.

Role models give hope, and create believe in young girls & women who are striving to become the best versions of themselves. This is why I believe what we are doing with HerWit - helping women became role models is so important. This article is a proof of this. We all play a part in creating crucial change that is needed for all women and future generations of young girls to have the believe that glass ceiling's can be broken!