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HerWit empowers women to lead with conviction. To strategize with clarity. To become investment-ready and command every room with your presence.

This is where we close the distance. HerWit is building the female powerhouses of today into the industry leaders of tomorrow; when will you be making your entrance?

Launch with Precision and set yourself up to succeed from the very start

With Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies that act as tactical launchpads to ensure your business can thrive. Make informed audience connections, earn that competitive edge, lay down the tracks and solidify your businesses future growth.

Access Capital as a world-class female founder primed for investment

Learn how to navigate the funding landscape, garner faith in your business viability and build hype around your mission. This is your ticket to VC funding, accelerators, incubators - and your place in the female-led business stratosphere.

Add Value, illustrate solutions and win loyalty with a consultative selling approach

Your concept is only as groundbreaking as your sales efforts, and it’s our duty to drive home the authenticity and benefits of your business through customer-centred sales strategies. Discover how to establish a sales roadmap, interrogate findings, and pinpoint your messaging to silence the competition and enhance your status.

Natural Exceptionalism breeds world-class leadership

You’ve already made inroads through sheer determination and an entrepreneurial mindset. Identifying your superpower through HerWit's thought leadership process is the next step in making powerful impressions, and elevating your reputation. Arming you with the techniques and confidence to arrest attention and cement your insights into the minds of industry leaders, investors, customers, and partners. Make your story captivate and establish your role as a leader.

Sharing KNOWLEDGE is one of our greatest weapons

A tale of perseverance. Hear from someone who’s bulldozed through obstacles, defied stereotypes and carved out their own destiny. HerWit provides keynote speaking from founder Shamila Gopalan, drawing on over 20 years of corporate experience working in Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial insights from 3 separate independent ventures. Shamila has the power to captivate and motivate through her tales of lived experience and overcoming adversity.

What sets us apart is a genuine desire
to see you Thrive

Lead with autonomy and control over your vision - we’ll just steer you in the right direction.

We launch Dreams and scale ambitions

Comprehensive business strategies tailored to you

Trusted advisors, close confidants, dedicated to your success

we ensure integrity through guidance

to SURPASS your business GOALS

by leveraging our cross-functional knowledge. We provide a holistic analysis of your business and create a roadmap to make your goals a reality. Implement strategies that build on your existing success and bring you closer to your most ambitious benchmarks. We will be there, every step of the way.

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