We are women entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, mothers, wives and daughters. We understand the challenges life throws our way, the hurdles that need to be high jumped on the road to success, striving to become the best versions of ourselves.

Having built a corporate career and been an entrepreneur for over 23 years spanning various continents, Shamila, our founder, understands intimately as a woman the struggles and glass ceilings that need to be broken in order to build a successful career and business. She wished she knew more role models growing up, throughout her career, when she started her 1st business & even today.  Successful women who had her story, challenges, looked like her - yet done phenomenal things while making a difference.

That’s why Shamila has made it her mission to help women like you to become the leaders, visionaries and achievers you are meant to be, by levelling up your businesses and your careers - in order to create more female thought leaders and role models.







Shamila Gopalan

Founder & CEO

“Your personal brand tells a story."

Founder & CEO

Shamila Gopalan is an entrepreneur and a corporate leader that has been at the helm of building businesses independently and within Fortune 500 firms across the globe for close to 23 years. She brings extensive knowledge as an entrepreneur and a leader with the expertise to navigate the business world as a woman.

Shamila recognises the power of building a strong purposeful business and personal brand is needed to elevate your both building a business and your career but understands first hand the challenges to achieve this when time, resource and skills are inaccessible. 


Which is how HerWit was born, she wanted to help women like herself and more, to share their stories - through purposeful content, distribute and communicate it to the right audience in order to position women as role models and thought leaders in turn developing and elevating their businesses and careers.

Recognized as an influential thought leader, Shamila has been awarded one of Asia's 50 Women Leaders, appointed to the board of Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA), a non executive board member of Brilliant Women Global Australia (BWG), a featured international speaker and judge for various industry events, She is a steady voice for disruption, empowerment, and impact for women entrepreneurs and leaders. 

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Asha Popatlal

Asha has over 20 years’ experience in both journalism and corporate communications.


Asha continues to be retained by Channel News Asia, as the editor of the broadcaster’s flagship chat show, Conversation With, featuring interviews with global and corporate leaders.


Asha has produced thought leadership shows with former US President Barack Obama, Indonesia President Joko Widodo, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, Uniqlo founder Tadashi Yanai and actor Robert de Niro, among others.

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Paola Ghirelli

As a skilled professional and former magazine editor with 20 years experience in media and communications, Paola has always had a passion for writing in general. She grasps complex information behind a project in order to produce simple, consistent and effective content and communications.

Having successfully worked for the government, not-for-profit and business sectors in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and a
s a community-minded person who is into sustainability, she welcomes the opportunity to work on projects, that may benefit society in one way or another.

She has an extensive portfolio of experience in publications, collateral and media attention gained for multiple projects in Australia and New Zealand.

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“After my HerWit sessions with Shamila I felt a renewed intensity and have found someone who I know will help me succeed in my entrepreneurial pursuits". 

Kate Hanssen / Founder / Reconnection Treks

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