HerWit Panelist Profile Series: Meet Amanda Connors, General Manager, Marketing, Endota Spa

Amanda Connors
is a key member of the senior leadership team at Endota Spa, now the largest network of spas in Australia. Amanda lives and breathes the Endota Spa’s philosophy focused on improving women’s lives which have translated into forward-thinking policies, resulting in a team (95 per cent women) that constantly aspire to empower women to be their best, so they can live their best lives.

Amanda is an intuitive and visionary brand marketer with an outstanding record in the positioning and leadership of successful brands. With over 20 years of corporate business experience for a range of major companies such as Myer, Westpac, and Priceline to grow them into household names.

Amanda has been nominated to the Women In Media Power List 2019 by B&T. She brings with her the wealth of experience and knowledge on how businesses are trying to make the paradigm shift to creating a purposeful business.

Amanda's mantra is “helping women connect with their best selves, so they can live their best lives”

So very often during a woman’s life, they feel invisible, for example, when motherhood comes around, they become entrenched in caring, nurturing and connecting with their children and at the same time trying to the balance all other aspects of life as a whole. They strive to be the perfect - the perfect mother, wife, employee, entrepreneur, daughter, sister and more.

Hitting their 50’s and 60’s, through menopause, there is a sinking feeling that they have lost their identities, their dreams and aspirations; they often feel invisible, aged, and sometimes irrelevant. Resulting in the feeling that they have lost that inner girl and the dreams that they held so close.

Amanda believes that women need to grab the oxygen mask for themselves first, filling their lungs and souls, in order to be able to give back fully to their children, family, friends and community.

Having a “sisterhood” to reach out to allows for women to gain the support they need and help encourage each other through all stages of their lives empowering all women at every age to be the best versions of themselves.

Amanda will be part of the outstanding panel of women at the launch of HerWit next week, Tuesday, 21st May 2019 entitled, "From Purpose to Profit: How Successful Females-Led Businesses Have Created Sustainable Enterprises While Making A Difference, where she shares her experiences and knowledge on how her passion to help empower women to become the best versions of themselves through a for-profit business.

Please do join us for an evening of cocktails followed by an exciting and important discussion that is on many people's mind, ‘can I make money and still make a difference?’

*A portion of ticket sales will be donated in support of Seven Women, uplifting and empowering young girls and women in Nepal through education and development clearly aligning with HerWit ethos to create positive change for the future generation of girls and young women around the world.