HerWit Panelist Profile Series: Meet Sheree Rubinstein, CEO & Founder, One Roof Women

Sheree Rubinstein, CEO of One Roof, set up the company with the inspiration to help women succeed in business and address the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

Starting her career in corporate law, she had the realisation that there are massive gender gaps in business and leadership. There was a particularly defining "f*ck it moment" - a moment where she was the only woman sitting in a meeting and was asked by one of the men, in front of everyone loud and clear, whether she was in the meeting simply to take notes. Walking out of that meeting angry, frustrated and determined, Sheree told herself from that moment on that she would do whatever it took to ensure no woman every felt diminished simply because she was the woman in the room.

Sheree left her legal career in 2014 with a passion to help women. After having major success as a simple pop-up using an Airbnb mansion in St Kilda, where 400 people came through the doors in just seven days. She saw the clear demand for female-focused working spaces and started One Roof, a physical hub that provides everything women need to succeed in business all under one roof. Today it has grown to house 85 female-founded businesses working under its roof.

For all the fear and discomfort she felt leaving a stable corporate job to become an entrepreneur, it is the passion that keeps her going every single day.

She believes that for her choosing courage despite the fear, has been the secret sauce that has helped One Roof to get to where it is today.

Sheree was awarded the 2016 Victorian Young Achievers Leadership Award and she was nominated in 2015 as one of Australia’s top young innovators by the Foundation for Young Australians.

Recently, One Roof raised $1 million in capital to set up their next flagship premises in Melbourne and are looking to expand across Australia in the near future, hoping to incorporate exciting features into their co-working spaces for women. Onsite childcare, cafes, wellness spaces, photography and podcasting studios and business lounges are all on the agenda.

They are also building an online business portal available to members, which will include business support so that members from anywhere around Australia and even globally can tap into One Roof’s extensive business support.

Sheree will be part of the outstanding panel of women at the launch of HerWit next week, Tuesday, 21st May 2019 entitled, "From Purpose to Profit: How Successful Females-Led Businesses Have Created Sustainable Enterprises While Making A Difference, where she shares her experiences and knowledge on how she took her passion to help empower women entrepreneurs and business leaders to succeed and made it into a reality.

Please do join us for an evening of cocktails followed by an exciting and important discussion that is on many people's mind, ‘can I make money and still make a difference?’

*A portion of ticket sales will be donated in support of Seven Women, uplifting and empowering young girls and women in Nepal through education and development clearly aligning with HerWit ethos to create positive change for the future generation of girls and young women around the world.