HerWit Panelist Profile Series: Meet Stephanie Woollard OAM, CEO & Founder, Seven Women

Stephanie Woollard OAM is more than just a successful businesswoman; she’s a philanthropic icon who is able to make a living by changing the lives of thousands of women in Nepal and around the world.

At just 22 years old, Stephanie began the organisation ‘Seven Women’. During her travels, she met seven disabled women living in a tin shed in Kathmandu as the result of a lifetime of discrimination and social isolation from their villages and decided she wanted to make a difference, with just $200 to her name. She used the money to hire professionals that could teach the women important skills and came up with the idea of selling garments they made to people in Australia, with the goal of providing sustainable employment and happier life to not only these women, but many around them.

She has devoted more than a decade to change the lives of over 5,000 disabled and marginalised women in Nepal. Today, at Seven Women’s HQ in Katmandhu fair trade products are created and sold both locally and internationally. In addition, Seven Women now operates a cooking school attracting many overseas visitors daily as an income source and important social exchange.

Stephanie strongly believes that “the best way to empower women is through trade, not aid”.

Through team motivation and leadership Stephanie has moulded an organisation that truly makes a difference to thousands of people.

In 2016, Stephanie was presented at the United Nations New York with the Rotary International Responsible Business Award, followed by the Woman of the Decade Award at the Women’s Economic Forum in New Dehli in 2017. This year, she has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her philanthropy and humanitarian work in Nepal.

At HerWit, we are proud to have worked with Stephanie to amplify her brand further, taking it to the next level through the creation of Thought Leadership content and a solid media strategy.

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Stephanie will be part of the outstanding panel of women at the launch of HerWit next week, Tuesday, 21st May 2019 entitled, "From Purpose to Profit: How Successful Females-Led Businesses Have Created Sustainable Enterprises While Making A Difference, where she shares her experiences and knowledge on how she became a philanthropic icon who is able to make a living by changing the lives of thousands of women in Nepal and around the world.

Please do join us for an evening of cocktails followed by an exciting and important discussion that is on many people's mind, ‘can I make money and still make a difference?’

*A portion of ticket sales will be donated in support of Seven Women, uplifting and empowering young girls and women in Nepal through education and development clearly aligning with HerWit ethos to create positive change for the future generation of girls and young women around the world.