The Day that Changed My Life: My Story, My *Why*

Simon Sinek's "Start with Why" is the #1 question I ask all my existing & potential clients when we start working together. He states "people won't truly buy into your idea until they understand the WHY👈🏽 behind it."  

So in today's video, I am sharing my *WHY*.  Why I started HerWit.    

Please bear with me as I have condensed 4 decades into 6 mins.  

Now your turn, share your WHY -  why you started the business that you did, why are you in a job or career that you chose, why did you decide to go into a non-profit & more.  

Inspire and impact others with your story so that they can reach for their why's.  

Join me at #weneedmorefemalerolemodels movement, drop me an email at shamila@herwit.com.au. Let us help you craft your why, share your stories & ideas to become the thought leader & role model you are meant to be.

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